Q: Do sets include real LEGO bricks? 

A: Yes, the sets I put together use only new and authentic LEGO bricks

Q: How will I receive the instructions to build my set? 

A: Sets come with a QR code that you can scan for the PDF instructions. 

Q: How do I sign up for Galactic Rewards?

A: Click / tap the present icon in the bottom right of your screen, sign up for FREE!

Q: What if I I am missing a piece? 

A: Send an email or instagram dm and the parts will be sent out ASAP.

Q: Why is everything so expensive? 

A: Prices are determined by part count AND part availability. I do not shy away from expensive parts. 

Q: Would it be cheaper to buy the parts myself? 

A: No, after adding taxes and shipping fees, you WILL spend more time and money trying to source the pieces and get them in than if you bought one of my sets. 

Q: If I buy instructions will I receive a parts list? 


Q: What is a base? 

A: BrickHeadz sets come with 4 bricks [6x6 plate, 2x4 tile, 1x4 tile and 1x4 plate modified all in black] to help stand up / display your BrickHeadz, they are top heavy and it is recommended that you use it.

Q: Doesn't LEGO sell their own BrickHeadz sets?

AYes, they do. This is a list of all the Official LEGO BrickHeadz here. If you are looking for original BrickHeadz sets check LEGO, or Bricklink for older BrickHeadz. (Not affiliate links)


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