Imperial Brickz Brick Fair Alabama booth.
LEGO Star Wars Minifigures for sale! Shop hundreds of Minifigures with new Minifigures being added to the store every week!
As a life long fan of LEGO Star Wars I have purchased hundreds of Minifigures on eBay and other second hand retailers only to be disappointed with the condition. Here at Imperial BrickzI have made it the #1 priority to sell only product in new condition so there is never any doubt as to what you're going to receive when you order a Minifigure for your collection. Along with making sure everything is new I am always adding more Minifigures to the site to make the perfect one stop shop for all your LEGO Star Wars Minifigure needs. You can also shop custom sets from BrickHeadz to Crab Droidekas, all using new LEGO bricks.
About me:
I am a student at the University of South Carolina Studying retail in Columbia SC. Originally from Beaufort SC I spent most of my time outside playing sports or out on the river. I Started Imperial Brickz after discovering Stud.io and realizing I could sell instructions for my builds on rebrickable.com. I knew I wanted to keep expanding the business so I moved here to Shopify where I can offer more products and control the way the website looks.